ERTG Safety-interlocked Disconnect Cabinet for Electrified Rubber Tire Gantries

ESL's ERTG Safety-interlocked Disconnect Cabinet for Electrified Rubber Tire GantriesESL’s ERTG Safety-interlocked, Fused Disconnect Cabinet
provides safe power cord connections for Electrified Rubber Tire Gantries (ERTGs) at container terminals as well as for other medium-voltage cord-connected applications.

This unique, patent pending design allows multiple ERTG cabinets to be daisy-chained, reducing the number of costly medium voltage circuit breakers required upstream in the switch gear station.

    The Safety-interlocked Cabinet prevents operators from making or breaking electrical contacts under load without the need or use of kirk locks or kirk keys.

    The disconnect assembly features a 7.2kV push & pull receptacle safety-interlocked to a medium voltage switch. In addition, a mechanically interlocked internal grounding switch prevents removing the plug prior to releasing any residual voltage.

    The ERTG Safety-interlocked Disconnect Cabinet offers many features to provide operators with safety and ease of use including:

    • Safety-interlocked 72kv marine grade receptacle
    • Compact footprint
    • Redundant electrical safety-interlock
    • Mechanical fuse tripping
    • Electrically interlocked door
    • Internal cabinet light
    • Indicator lights
    • Cabinet heater
    • Dead front
    • Padlockable handle

    ESL’s ERTG Safety-interlocked Disconnect Cabinet Demo Video

Made in USA