Refrigerated Truck-Trailer Shore Power


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The TRU Standard in Safety™
Are you looking for an economical UL Listed Truck-Trailer Shore Power solution that provides safe utility power to electric or hybrid refrigerated units on truck trailers? Do you want this solution to utilize standard IEC configuration that is compatible with most OEM equipment without adopting expensive proprietary connectors?

Utilizing a safety-actuated pin and sleeve system, ESL’s eTRUconnect cannot be energized until the connector and inlet are completely mated. Similar to other more expensive systems, eTRUconnect relies on a safety-circuit loop to ensure safe connection and energization. However, unlike competing technologies, ESL’s innovative design does not require 2 extra pilot pins at the connector. A connection detection device is embedded in the safety-interlocked female connector installed at the end of the cable. This allows truck operators to use the OEM provided inlet for plug-at-front configuration or retrofit their fleet with ESL’s cost effective plug-at-rear kit.

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Why Utilize Refrigerated Truck-Trailer Shore Power?

Connecting electric or hybrid refrigerated units to shore power eliminates the need of running on board diesel TRU generators/engines to keep the cargo within the optimal temperature range. This results in significant savings attributed to much lower electric energy and maintenance cost. eTRUconnect’s, safe and simple connection and disconnection procedure allows truck drivers to use the system while minimizing the risk of injury and the liability to the facility owner. ESL’s eTRUconnect is the ideal solution for distribution centers, warehouses, grocery stores and truck stops.

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