Portable Reefer Sharing Units

Reefer Sharing UnitESL’s Portable Reefer Sharing Unit (RSU) is a compact, lightweight assembly that safely allows two frozen load reefers to be alternately powered from one permanently installed reefer outlet, virtually doubling the number of reefer containers able to plug into available power.

When extra reefer capacity is required, the Portable RSU is mounted close to two reefers and is plugged into an existing outlet. The RSU timer is set to the desired 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10-hour interval. The existing permanent outlet is then energized and the two reefers are plugged into the RSU. The reefers are then alternately powered based upon the selected time interval; this will continue until stopped by an operator. If one of the reefers is unplugged at any time, the RSU will only provide power to the remaining reefer and will not switch back and forth.

Reefer Sharing Unit Features include:

  • Powering two reefers from one permanent power outlet, essentially doubling the load capacity
  • Electrical safety-interlock prevents “making” or “breaking” under load and ensures that when the RSU is opened, the unit will de-energize
  • “Smart Sharing” system senses when only one reefer is plugged in
  • Additional Portable RSU features
Made in USA