Modular Reefer Sharing Units

Modular RSUESL’s Modular Reefer Sharing Unit (RSU) provides operators with the same safe and simple operating procedures as the Portable Reefer Sharing Unit. However, instead of a lightweight assembly, the Modular (or Multi-gang) Reefer Sharing Unit are ganged together and housed in a Type 4X Stainless Steel enclosure.

When extra reefer capacity is required for frozen loads, ESL’s Reefer Sharing Units maximize the number of power outlets without investing in additional transformers, switchgear, underground conduits or additional power generators.

Modular Reefer Sharing Unit features include:

  • Electrical safety-interlock prevents “making” or “breaking” under load and ensures that when the RSU is opened, the unit will de-energize
  • “Smart Sharing” system senses when only one reefer is plugged in to a module
  • A timer to set desired cycle time
  • Two female receptacles for easy plug in
  • Indicator lights show which receptacle is energized
  • Optional override switch to manually power either reefer for maintenance
  • Optional snap cover or screw cover
  • Additional Modular RSU features
Made in USA