Wayside Power Resource Library

    ESL’s Wayside Power Online Catalog contains product specific information, including spec sheets.

    ESL’s standard specifications are a resource to assist engineers during the planning and design stages of a project.

    Wayside Power Standard Specs
    (revised as of 05/18/12)

    ESL’s Wayside Power Leaflet contains a product overview including cabinet features and product selection.

    ESL’s Wayside power product selection tool is designed to guide customers in creating a custom catalog number that matches exact specifications.

    The Wayside Power Photo Gallery includes a variety of images demonstrating ESL’s Wayside solutions.

Wayside Power Cabinet

Wayside Power Cabinet Item WSC2480ESL’s Wayside Power Cabinets provide temporary plug-in power to passenger trains when the locomotive engines have been shut down and/or disconnected. Eliminating idling of a locomotive’s diesel engine while the train is parked reduces the number of toxins released into the environment.

ESL’s in-house engineering team integrates design capabilities to manufacture wayside power stations with HEP (Head End Power) connectors built to APTA and Amtrak D77-24 and AM800 specifications.


Wayside Outlet Box Features Can Include:


  • Overcurrent and Short Circuit Protection (Breaker or Fuse)
  • Power Monitor System with Digital Display
  • Control Logic which includes Keyed Start, E-stop, Phase Loss, UV Relay and Loop Permissive Circuit
  • LED Indicatior Lights and Pushbutton Controls
  • Pendant Light to Indicate Power to Trainline
  • Cabinet Heater
  • Cord Rack for Cable Storage
  • Additional Features as Requested by Specifications
Made in USA