Manual Transfer Switch Gas station application

Manual Transfer Switch - StormSwitch

StormSwitch is a manual transfer switch that is UL/cUL 1008 Listed to 3000A and provides an economical commercial solution for businesses that want to be prepared for emergency power loss. Equipped with safety-interlocks and color-coded cam-style receptacles, ESL’s patented StormSwitch ensures a safe and simple hook-up to a portable power generator during a power outage.

3-way Manual Transfer Switch application

3-way Manual Transfer Switch - TripleSwitch

Our 3-way manual transfer switches range up to 3000A and are UL/cUL 1008 Listed. ESL’s TripleSwitch uses three interlocked disconnects to isolate standby generator circuits during COPS (Critical Operation Power Systems) load bank testing. The unique design also provides a quick, safe method to connect to a portable generator for redundant backup power.

Generator Docking Station

Portable Generator Connection Box - TempTap

ESL’s generator connection boxes are UL/cUL 1008 Listed up to 3200A. TempTap inlet boxes provide end users with a safe and simple solution to connect a portable generator to a facility with an existing manual or automatic transfer switch. Once installed by a licensed electrician, temporary connection to a portable generator is easy with color-coded cam-style receptacles.

DirectTap Termination Box

Termination Box - DirecTap

DirecTap is a UL 1773 Listed termination box designed for facilities needing to make permanent, direct wire connections to emergency power systems such as an ATS, UPS, and supporting switchgear.

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