Rear Actuated Reefer Assemblies

rear actuated 4 gangESL’s Rear Actuated Safety-interlocked Power Modules (Reefer Outlets) share all of the key features with the standard ESL Safety-interlocked Power Modules.

As an additional safety attribute, these modules are designed with the ON/OFF actuator rod and the receptacle on opposite sides of the enclosure assembly. This allows the operator to be away from the plug and receptacle connection at the time the unit is energized.

ESL offers custom-designed stainless steel enclosures to house these modules in pole, rack or pedestal style assemblies.

Benefits of Safety-interlocked Rear ActuatedReefer Outlets:rear actuated 4 gang

  • Actuator Rod and Receptacle are located on opposite sides of the enclosure assembly to protect operator in case of an unexpected explosion/flashover caused by a defective or wet plug.
  • Electrically-interlocked to prevent “Making” or “Breaking” electrical contacts under load
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance and minimizes down-time
  • Interlocked circuit breaker with auxiliary contact available
  • Stainless steel, spring-actuated snap-cover protects receptacle contacts from dust and water when not in use
  • 14 GA stainless steel type 4X enclosures (powder-coated after fabrication)
  • Complete assembly & rear actuated power module are UL & cUL listed

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Made in USA