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    ESL’s DirecTap Online Catalog contains product information such as spec sheets and product selection information.

    ESL’s Emergency Power brochure includes detailed product information, including connection diagrams, product selection tools, and industry applications.

    The Emergency Power Photo Gallery includes a variety of images demonstrating ESL’s emergency power solutions

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DirecTap™ Generator Connection Box

Generator Connection BoxESL’s industrial grade DirecTap™ is a UL1773 Listed termination box. Equipped with power distribution blocks, these direct wire tap boxes are designed to make lug connections to permanently installed equipment such as an ATS, UPS, or supporting switchgear. DirecTap™ enclosures are available in a variety of types ranging from Type 1-4X. ESL’s termination boxes provide a permanent connection to emergency power systems for a variety of facilities, including refineries, pharmaceutical, food processing & manufacturing.

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