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    Our ShowSwitch™ Company Switch and Pin & Sleeve Company Switch were on display for attendees to view at Live Design International in Las Vegas. Watch our short video recap of ESL Power Systems at Live Design International 2016.

    Check out our recent video which highlights the features of ESL’s ShowSwitch™ Company Switch here.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

ESL’s in-house sheet metal fabrication shop affords customers flexibility when designing a product. Since cabinets and assemblies can be quickly designed in solid works and then fabricated to meet the customers’ needs, ESL is not constrained to rely on outside fabricators or off-the-shelf enclosures to fit components. Customization results in a finished product that can increase installation efficiency and best fits the application.

Need a custom sun shield added to an enclosure being built? No problem. ESL products are built to meet the requirements of varying gauges, metals, finishes, and dimensions.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Made in USA