Outlet Distribution Unit with Cam-style Connection

ESL’s OutTap Outlet Boxes are UL/cUL 891 Listed and designed to provide end users a safe and simple method of taking power from a facility’s power source and distributing it to exterior electrical equipment via 400A cam-lock cables in lieu of utilizing a portable generator. Outlet boxes are simple pass-through boxes that are mounted to the exterior of a building and wired to an existing power source. These boxes can be designed with or without a breaker based on your facility needs, and provide operators with color-coded female cam-style receptacles to ensure a quick and safe connection. In addition, if your facility has an available breaker up stream, outlet boxes can be designed to include a dead switch to the main utility breaker on the door for added safety. Utility breaker would be manually reset after device connection.

OutTap is designed to service facilities, such as:

  • Data Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Evacuation Centers
  • Schools
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Banks/Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
Made in USA